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Our Story

Kings Heath estate was built in the 1940’s and 50’s.  There were originally two Christian churches; one Anglican the other Baptist. In its early days Kings Heath won awards for its design incorporating green spaces and a “village” feel, but like many outer estates there was a decline in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s when it gained a bad reputation.

In the late 1990’s a prayer group based at St Giles Anglican Church began to pray specifically for “King Jesus’ Heath”.

In 2006 St Augustine’s Anglican Church on Church Green closed.

In January the following year a small group from St Giles came to reinforce the equally small congregation at Kings Heath Baptist Church. They joined together for worship, fellowship and mission. This was the beginning of  a joint Anglican/Baptist church, Church on the Heath.

A plan began to formulate, that the Baptist site should be sold, and the proceeds used to renovate the dilapidated Anglican building which was in a much better location.

In order to do this a ‘Local Ecumenical Partnership’ (of Anglicans and Baptists) had to be formalised.

This was completed in 2016.

The Baptist site was finally sold.

ONovember 28th 2021 our last service was held in Kings Heath Baptist Church, Welland Way

Since the beginning of 2022 Sunday morning services have been held in Kings Heath Primary Academy as we continue to work towards our long held plan to renovate St Augustine’s Church on Church Green and move all our church activities there.

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